Since pointless restrictions are a nuisance not only on DVDs and oder video media but also on Audio-CDs, AnyDVD HD will take are of these as well.


The Audio CD features in AnyDVD HD do not replace a very good CD copy software like our CloneCD. They are meant to help resetting standards that were deliberately destroyed and to complement inferior copy software.

CD Digital Audio Settings
  • Remove CD Digital Audio Protection

    This option allows you to play, copy and rip protected Audio CDs. What it does is to cache the TOC (Table of Contents) of the media. If AnyDVD detects an Audio CD, it will modify the TOC to represent a valid, Red-Book Audio CD. Illegal Start and Stop timings are corrected and additional sessions are deleted. If player software or the Operating System request the TOC they will get the cached TOC from AnyDVD.


    This feature does not work with all protections and not with all drives! If this feature is enabled, Multimedia content on Audio CDs will not be visible.

  • Always show Dialog to set Audio CD settings for each individual Drive

    With this option enabled AnyDVD will display a settings dialog each time an Audio CD is inserted.