AnyDVD HD might be one of few products on the market that will deal with the HD DVD format. We know that this unfortunate loser of the “high-definition optical disc format war” still has a big fan community.

Video HD DVD Settings
  • Enable HD DVD support

    Enable or disables HD DVD support

  • Remove first play title from HD DVD

    The “first play title” is usually a studio logo which cannot be skipped. This option will remove it for your convenience. :-)

  • Remove user prohibitions from HD DVD

    This option allows you to remove prohibited user operations, like changing audio or subtitle tracks directly from the remote control.

  • Remove parental restrictions from HD DVD

    Some HD DVDs with parental restrictions from “The Weinstein Company” will not play with PowerDVD Ultra, if this option is not checked.

  • Rename highest XPL file (New Universal titles with PowerDVD Ultra)

    This option is very helpful, as it allows PowerDVD Ultra to play back new HD DVD discs from Universal. The disc will be remastered “on the fly”. If PowerDVD Ultra doesn’t play back a disc (display stays black, with or without AnyDVD HD enabled), please try this option.

  • Directory to store script files

    Please specify the Directory, where script files should be stored.

  • Directory to store temporary files

    Please specify the Directory, where temporary files should be stored.

  • Delete script files when done

    Delete script files when done. Warning, any changes you made will be lost!

  • Delete temporary files when done

    If you keep the temporary files, mounting the disc will be much faster the next time you insert it.


You will find that the selection of movie titles in HD DVD is not great and that there are no new movies since 2008, but you can find amazing concerts in great audio quality on HD DVD.